Shaykh al-Azhar Abdullah al-Sharqawi meeting with Napoleon during the French invasion of Egypt

The ‘Ulamā’ and Political Rulers

Inside the field of Islamic law (fiqh) there is a sub-field that deals with Islamic governance (al-siyāsa al-shar’iyya). Sunni Islam is known for a type of quietism in the face of partisan politics, largely structured to ensure the ‘ulamā’s role in high politics and to warn them from becoming entangled in low politics. This is a subfield that rarely gets attention, but whose issues have come more and more to the forefront in recent years. While not the most comprehensive treatment, I find the excerpt below to very interesting and infused with great wisdom if understood properly.

‘Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Qāḍī
‘Abd al-Jalīl Qāsim

Reflections on Islam, life, and mindfulness.

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